Monday, 19 July 2010

Cupcakes, Glam Grans and 'sew' much nonsense!

Oh I am so rubbish these days! Its been ages since I posted anything... is it too late to start a new year resolution to be more organised?! Since my last post there have been a flurry of birthdays, weddings and new arrivals so I've been keeping busy so should have plenty to share...

Firstly a birthday card - cakes and sweet things are always lovely at birthdays - even if you can't eat them! This card was made by creating a cupcake template and a limited palette of coloured card. Some sparkle was added and the cupcakes were stuck using sticky foam so they stood proud of the card. Hopefully the end result looked good enough to eat!

I was recently asked to produce a card for a friend's mother-in-law. Apparently the lady in question is a keen knitter so knitting was an obvious theme.
The colouring pencils got to see the light of day for this one and again, a bit of sparkle was added at the end. I doubt the receiver of this card usually knits in heels with a cocktail to her side but I believe she was delighted to be portrayed as such a glamorous gran!

Since my last post I've also decided I'd like to finally work out how to use the sewing machine I was kindly given some time ago. I was told bunting is a great first project to get me started so I've been cutting out triangles ever since!
Armed with my new found enthusiasm for all things home-made and sewn, I headed for the 'craft' section in my local library. I left some time later with several books to educate and inspire! Wow! I never realised some people went to so much trouble to make the daftest of items...I mean who has ever sewn a mouse mat? A doily scarf? An eye pillow? Or even (and this is the best one) sanitary pads??!! I still intend to give sewing a go (though I won't be trying any of the aforementioned!!) and hopefully I'll showing you the results of my hardwork some time soon. (If anyone can recommend a beginners level sewing book in the meantime I would be very grateful!)

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