Friday, 23 April 2010

Invites and Adverts!

Its been a hectic few months recently so apologies for the long delays between posts. I was recently made redundant but fortunately managed to get a new job that started the same day that I left the old job! With hindsight, it might have been a good idea to give myself a few hours off (if not days)at least! Anyway, you don't want to hear sob stories...

So, what have I been up to? Firstly, a 60th surprise birthday invite. (I haven't been able to post this before now in case it let the cat out of the bag!) I used a cheery yellow retro style background and kept the text clear and simple using a simple font in a strong blue to contrast against the background. A black and white childhood pic of the birthday girl was added. Originally, a retro style image of a woman was shown but subsequently removed as I thought this overcomplicated the design.

Also this month I have been working on an advertising flyer for a local company called Ruby and GINGER who produce fantastic accessories that no self-respecting mother would be seen without. This was great fun to work on as I even got involved in the photography - the teddy pic is mine!

If you'd like anything similar or have an idea you'd like to discuss please get in touch.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

First Holy Communion

Short and sweet - This time an invite to a First Holy Communion. (Details have been changed).
This has been designed to fit on a 6 x 4 " postcard so it is easy to print (in this case on glossy paper like a photograph). It is not a standard envelope size as the idea is that the invites would just be distributed by hand - saving paper and costs of envelopes too!