Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Unexpected Gifts!

Isn't it nice to receive an unexpected gift? We were lucky enough to do just that earlier this week when the lovely people at kindly sent us a 'Brio Little Forest Train Starter Set'.

I would never have bought my daughter a trainset (I seem to have accidently slipped into buying stereotypical gender-specific toys without even realising it!) so it is lovely for her to have something different to play with. If this was a cheap-looking, garish plastic product I might think that the RRP of £11.17 was perhaps a little steep (hellobabydirect's sell this product for £9.99) but this is a beautiful little wooden train set of excellent quality and therefore I think this is actually good value for money.

Brio also produce a wide range of other products e.g. more track, extra engines, bridges etc. that can link to this set so I'm sure our little train set will get lots of use. The box suggests that this starter set is suitable for age 3+, but I think it is suitable for younger children (maybe 2+). I am definately impressed with this product which I think would make a great little gift for a toddler - male or female!
Anyway, loads of bits and pieces to do in the next few weeks (including wedding cards, birthdays and a photographer's logo design) so I'll be back with lots more work soon!

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