Monday, 15 February 2010

Spot the Difference - Fun on the slopes

My first post! Where do I start? How about a little puzzle? There are 7 differences to spot between the two images. Can you find them all? This Puzzle was created for the 2nd edition of Boo Magazine, a lovely little magazine aimed at parents / carers of children aged 0-12.

I currently have several projects on the drawing board (if the truth be told I had to get rid of the drawing board a long time ago as it was far too big, and I mostly now work at the dining table!) including a 60th birthday invite, a First Communion invite and, as always, several birthday cards to do.

I am also designing name labels for above the coat hooks in a nursery in Merseyside. The nursery has asked for a witch and a wizzard but with nice smiley faces rather than anything scary which may put the children off hanging up the coats for life!

Back to the dining table...


  1. Love the blog! Will be a regular visitor and will put a link to you on mine! What a natural! Hx

  2. Hi Marion, welcome aboard! Can only find 5!Cx

  3. Hello - I FINALLY got round to doing this!
    Keep looking there are definately 7!